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Celebrating International Women’s Day: Leading Together in STEM

Monday, March 08, 2021


In this interview with Channel Newsasia 938 ‘Singapore Today’ centred around the challenges that women in tech face, SzeKi Sim, our Executive Director of Community and Brand, elaborated on the mindset shift needed at all levels to foster a stronger participation of women in tech – from childhood to tertiary level and subsequently in the professional environment.

SzeKi also delved into the issue of the “leaky pipeline” – where women drop out of careers in tech because of widely-held perceptions that such jobs are more catered to men. She also pointed out that women could further leave their tech careers when they start families, and thus called for companies to establish family-friendly policies. She lauded the efforts being made by the government and industry – such as Singapore identifying 2021 as a year of celebrating women and the SG Women in Tech as a platform formed to bring together great work done at the grassroots level to promote gender diversity, as well as the launch of the inaugural SG Women in Tech corporate pledge.

In conclusion, SzeKi wished for a future in which we would no longer need to discuss issues such as female representation at the workplace as a true mark of success on such occasions again.

Original article: CNA938

Topics: Deep Tech for Good, Talent and Mentoring

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