SGInnovate: Building Deep Tech Startups Through Venture Capital

Our investment philosophy is based on our belief that difficult problems can be solved using Deep Tech.

SGInnovate is an investor who understands the nuances and challenges of bringing technically complex Deep Tech to market. This is augmented by their expertise in raising industry awareness, building essential networks and connecting talent.
Chune Yang Lum
Chune Yang Lum

Co-founder & CEO, SpeQtral

As a clinician, I have a good understanding of the clinical need but little understanding of what a Deep Tech community encompasses. I am grateful for the support from SGInnovate – from investing in us, to connecting us with different parts of the community, and opening new opportunities for our company’s next stage of development.
Dr Carolyn Lam
Dr Carolyn Lam


Deep Tech investments in Singapore
80+ Investments
Investing in Deep Tech Start ups
S$51M Invested
Deep Tech Start ups in Singapore
S$683M Raised by startups

Deep Tech has innovative scientific research at its core. We define it as technology that is expressed in engineering and applied commercially. We target capable founders and startups using Deep Tech to address global problems. Many of the biggest challenges today cannot be solved by a single startup or product alone, hence we always want to work alongside founders and partners who have a collaborative and global mindset.

Our strategy is two-pronged – to build and invest.

Our Venture Building team focusses on early-stage Deep Tech startups in Singapore, where we help founders start and grow their businesses. We provide business building advice and work closely with the teams on areas such as fundraising, sales, strategy, branding and talent.

Our Venture Investing team focusses on scalable Singapore and overseas startups that address gaps within the Singapore Deep Tech landscape. The focus is on companies with proven technology and market traction, with the objective to speed up their internationalisation through collaboration with our overseas portfolio companies and tap into our global network of institutional investors who invest in the same sectors as we do.

Portfolio Companies

We invest not just money — but time, effort, and much more — in promising Deep Tech startups from pre-seed through series A, primarily those built on Singapore-based IP.

Together, we break through various barriers with one goal in mind — to improve the lives of humanity using Deep Tech.

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