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SGInnovate’s Infinity (∞) Series is a Deep Tech Immersion Programme that seeks to groom top multi-disciplinary Talent through cumulative placements across different technical areas such as Software Development, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, UI / UX design, Product Management etc.   

Infinity Series offers  talent the breadth to explore varied technical roles and product development stages to broaden their understanding of how innovation is translated into reality. Their industry experience will be supplemented by modular training curated by SGInnovate alongside industry experts. Students are encouraged to re-join Infinity Series and take up different internships to grow holistically across the 4  key pillars in the product development lifecycle.  

Hence, aside from strong technical skills, start-ups can expect returning Infinity Series Talent to possess competencies across these 4 areas , which will be advantageous in helping start-ups accelerate their product development at different stages.  




Singapore Citizens / Permanent Residents 


Current full-time tertiary students or postgraduates from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) 

Current full-time tertiary students or postgraduates from Institutes of Higher Learning (IHL) in Singapore* 


*If the applicant is holding a Student Pass in Singapore, he/she is only allowed to work if he/she meets specific requirements. Click here to find out more. Due to the COVID-19 border restrictions, only students who have been approved by the respective IHLs to further their studies in Singapore will be considered.  

The applicant must be able to showcase relevant skills and knowledge for the project that he/she applies for, e.g.: 

  • Academic courses in IHLs 

  • Online courses (e.g. Coursera, Udemy) 

  • Projects (e.g. Github, Stackoverflow) 

  • Working experience (e.g. internships, part-time, freelance) 

  • Awards and competitions (e.g. Hackathons, Datathons) 


Please refer to our website to see the specific eligibility criteria for the respective roles.


Infinity Series 



Programme Focus 


Developing tertiary students with key competencies at  

every stage of the product development lifecycle through core technical roles in areas such as Software Development, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, UI / UX design, Product Management, etc. 



Driving full-time students, postgraduates, and fresh graduates with notable skillsets to contribute to the development of cutting-edge Deep Tech projects in areas such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Quantum Computing, Robotics, etc. 




Talent Eligibility  


Open to full-time students and postgraduates who are: 


  1. Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents 

  1. International Students based in Singapore 


Only Singapore Citizen and Permanent Residents are eligible for funding. 


Refer to funding breakdown below for more information 



Open to full-time students, postgraduates, and fresh graduates (with less than 1 year of working experience)   

who are:  


  1. Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents 

  1. Foreigners 


Both are eligible for funding. 


Refer to funding breakdown in the Summation FAQ for more information. 


Design of Programme 


Talent is encouraged to return for up to 3 different internships to gain exposure to end-to-end product development lifecycle and hone different competencies. 


Standard monthly stipend of S$2,000 regardless of academic level.  


Each internship is a standalone experience and Talent who are interested in exploring another Deep Tech project may choose to join another run of Summation.  


Minimum level of monthly stipends tagged according to academic level.  


The Infinity Series provides students with exposure to the product development lifecycle of Deep Tech products and opportunities to develop their technical capabilities which would boost their employability when they graduate. Modular trainings are also curated for each trainee depending on the competencies the role requires. 

The unique feature of the Infinity Series encourages students to return for up to a maximum of 3 different internships to ensure the holistic development of the student and gain experience in the end-to-end product development lifecycle. 

Here is an example of how a student will be able to experience different product development stages and grow in the 3 key pillars by completing 3 different internships under the Infinity Series. 



Please refer to the timeline reflected in our website under Infinity Series. No submissions will be accepted after the stipulated deadlines. 

No. Each organisation will provide the scope and specify the duration unique to the roles and projects offered. 

The programme duration ranges from 3 – 6 months with a minimum commitment of three (3) months full-time. Actual duration of programme may vary based on role requirements and Talent’s availability.  

A combination of full time and part time arrangement may be considered to help meet the minimum commitment of 3 months full-time combined (subjected to approval by SGInnovate). 

The monthly stipend for each Talent is S$2,000 regardless of academic qualifications and it is CPF exempted.   

The system only allows an applicant to edit his/her submission during the draft stage. Once the application form is successfully submitted, edits are no longer allowed.   

Applicants can choose to re-submit another application form. However, only the last application submitted before the deadline will be considered.  

Start dates are flexible and should be agreed upon between the organisation and the Talent prior to signing the agreement. 

Applicants will need to check with their schools on such arrangement. SGInnovate will not be responsible for liaising with the IHLs regarding such arrangements. 

Applications will be evaluated against the respective criteria of each role the applicants have identified in their preference selections. 

Programming related roles/projects will typically require proficiency in at least one programming language. Ability to showcase relevant knowledge and/or experience related to the role/project is more critical. Please refer to this link to see the specific eligibility criteria for the respective roles/projects. 

There are two stages of the shortlisting phase:  



Stage 1: Technical and / or Cognitive Assessments 

There will be several assessments that applicants will take based on the roles they are shortlisted for.  


Stage 2: Interviews 

Shortlisted applicants who successfully pass the technical assessments will be invited to attend the interview sessions with organisations and SGInnovate. Additional technical assessments may be administered by the organisations you apply to during this phase. 

Applicants will be informed of their application status via email. Shortlisted applicants will receive additional instructions. 


Successful applicants will sign a 3-way contract with SGInnovate, the organisation and the Talent before starting the programme. 

The Talent’s monthly stipend will be paid out fully by the organisation along with the organisation’s monthly payroll.  

No, the Infinity Series Programme is CPF exempted.  

Talent are required to complete feedback forms, training logs, attend planned training workshops and participate in event(s) related to the programme.  

Talent will be awarded with a certificate of participation. Any working agreement (for example, part-time work) beyond the stipulated duration will be arranged directly between the Talent and the organisation. SGInnovate will not be involved.  


Yes, students who were successfully onboarded on their first internship are highly encouraged to participate in consecutive runs of the programme. 

Taking on multiple internships with the Infinity Series will allow students to develop four key pillars of skills so that students can experience the different product stages and build up core product competencies.  

  1. Business Acumen – Gain exposure in different product stages, startup stages, markets, and the Deep Tech ecosystem ​ 

  2. Design and Technical Skills - Apply customer-centric design while developing technical capabilities through curated projects and training​ 

  3. Product Development Exposure 

  4. Soft Skills – Build students’ underlying soft skills through multi-disciplinary exposure 


3 Key Pillars in the Product Development Lifecycle 

Students are not required to go through the online application process or technical assessments again. They can directly select and rank their top five (5) preferences of available roles/projects at the start of each new run of the Infinity Series.

Three (3) times in totality.

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