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  • SGInnovate Presents: Future of Mobility

    Mobility – the movement of people and goods – provides access to jobs, education, healthcare and trade. Yet, today’s mobility system cannot meet future demand without increasing congestion and pollution. Technology, such as autonomous vehicles, biometrics and ultralight materials, creates opportunities to transform the mobility system by enabling new business models and mobility services for new and changing customers.

    Topics: Others

  • BioX Singapore – Diagnostics Monitoring & Entrepreneurship Conference Networking Session

    This cocktail networking event falls on the second day of the Bio-X Singapore 2018 Conference focusing on diagnostics, monitoring, and entrepreneurship. The aim of the networking session is to combine audiences in academia and industry and create a convivial ambience, with wine and food, to facilitate networking and collaboration.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Others

  • Ethereum Meetup with Dr. Mathias Bucher

    Dr. Mathias Bucher, Founder and CEO of SwissDiamondCoin ™, will share his experience gained during the process of creating the original diamond-based cryptocurrency.

    Topics: Others

  • Talk Data to Me: Why and How to Break into Data Science

    At this event, we host thought-leaders from the Singapore data community to discuss the possibilities of career paths in the Data Science world. They’ll cover how today’s wealth of data drives business and product decisions across industries ranging from journalism to programming, and share their visions for the future and how you can jump into this exciting area.

    Topics: Others

  • Change the World: Tech for Good

    Join SGInnovate at our inaugural Change The World session, designed to catalyse conversations and provoke thoughts on the advancement of technology and humanity.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics, Blockchain, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Startups, Talent, Others

  • AWS Cloud Chats: Funding Opportunities for Startups

    In this session, Arnaud Bonzom, Co-founder at Map of the Money, will share with the audience how to navigate the unprecedented funding sources to finance your startup. Allowing entrepreneurs to understand the differences between but not limited to FFF Angels, Venture Capitals, Strategic Investors, ICO.

    Topics: Others

  • Cyberthreats resilience: How industry and technology partnerships can support national infrastructure?

    This event brings startup and industry experts to discuss partnerships for improving cyber-threats resilience on national infrastructure. You will learn how startups, industry and tech providers can work together on solving cyber-security problems and what are some of the initiatives in the pipeline. We are excited to host at the event Kara Sadybakasova, the founder of IoT Sploit and Singapore winner of She Loves Tech Competition, locally organised by Female Founders. Kara recently participated in CyLon, Europe's first Cyber-security Accelerator and will share her insights.

    Topics: Others

  • Smart Cloud Meetup


    Topics: Others

  • Innovators Under 35 Asia

    This is an unveiling of MIT Technology Review's 2018 regional Innovators Under 35 honourees, whose inventions and research was found to be most ground-breaking and exciting. Hosted by SGInnovate for the very first time, the 10 young innovators are selected from a pool of nominees coming from countries such as Australia, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. 

    Topics: Others

  • Bringing Deep Technology Solutions from Lab-to-Markets

    Deep-technologies often require long gestation periods and heavy capital outlays in to successfully productise them into key markets. This fireside chat explores opportunities and challenges for enterprises seeking to build their go-to-market strategies.

    Topics: Others

  • Ethereum Singapore Meetup

    Fintech Festival Week Special: GlobalBrain Blockchain Lab

    Topics: Blockchain, Others

  • Ethereum Singapore Meetup 

    Fintech Festival Week Special: Pryze, Veridium & ConsenSys

    Topics: Others