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  • SGInnovate Presents: Google Next Billion Users (NBU) User Insights in NBU Markets

    How do we focus on users who are far away or have a different culture or lifestyle? Dr. Elizabeth Baylor, research lead for Google Tez, will discuss user experience (UX) as an NBU solution that allows us to confidently build for people we don't know. Join us for a guided discussion of the UX process and the 3 principles of good UX, and get tailored advice on research solutions for your next big project.

    Topics: Others

  • AWS Cloud Chats: How Cloud Has Changed the Way Start-ups Build And What It Means for the Future

    Forbes reported, in 2017, that one of the most important technological shifts in recent years has been the introduction of cloud services, which has allowed start-ups to rent server space and development tools in the cloud at affordable rates, and scale up as needed rather than purchasing their own expensive hardware and software.

    Topics: Others

  • SGInnovate Presents: In Conversation with John Graham-Cumming, CTO of Cloudflare - Building A Better Internet

    Join us on 2 April for a night of discussion with Cloudflare's CTO, John Graham-Cumming, about how to build a better Internet. John is visiting Cloudflare's APAC HQ in Singapore, and will be sharing his personal experiences and discussing the latest security trends in this highly connected world. He will also be doing some live demonstrations.

    Topics: Others

  • Building the Future of Energy with Start-ups

    Singapore has a well-structured and active energy innovation ecosystem with local research programs, test-beds and energy start-ups emerging. Corporations are eyeing Singapore to host their innovation centres and start-up accelerator programs. What does it take to build scalable energy start-ups from Singapore?

    Topics: Others

  • Co-Creating Sustainability

    This event introduces Young Sustainable Impact Southeast Asia (YSI SEA), a non-profit organisation that aims make a sustainable impact through youth empowerment. Listen to the founders pitch their global youth movement to develop a more sustainable world and join YSI SEA in its journey to bring the talent and passion of youth all over the region to realize this vision.

    Topics: Others

  • Singapore Valley Awards – Award Winners Presentation

    The Singapore Valley Awards (“SVA”) is an annual entrepreneurship award that offers students, with the most compelling business ideas, a fully-sponsored internship in China for the acquisition of a deeper knowledge of the China market and entrepreneurship in practice. First conceived in early 2017 by a group of entrepreneurs with China-centric businesses, SVA aims to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among undergraduates in Singapore.

    Topics: Others

  • SGInnovate Presents: Google Next Billion Users (NBU): Opportunities and Product Development in NBU Markets  

    This session will discuss unaddressed opportunities in NBU markets that go beyond replicating existing businesses and building products for these markets.

    Topics: Others

  • Morning Pitch Singapore: Healthcare

    Morning Pitch is a pitching platform hosted by Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support. This platform helps start-ups form business alliances and partnerships with large corporations, corporate venture capital and venture capital firms. The focus on this inaugural Morning Pitch on 9 March 2018 is medtech and healthtech.

    Topics: Others


    “We live in an era of self-driving cars, robotic vacuum cleaners, and ever more autonomous drones. That’s because innovation comes relatively quickly and cheaply nowadays” - Dmitry Grishin, Grishin Robotics.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Others

  • SMART Care for The Ageing Population

    A free seminar jointly organised by Innovating Care Asia Pacific and SGInnovate

    Topics: Others

  • Talk Data to Me: An Evening with Female Data Leaders

    At this event, we host thought-leaders from the Singapore data community to discuss the possibilities that data brings to life. They’ll cover how today’s wealth of data drives business and product decisions across industries ranging from journalism to programming, and share their visions for the future. This time with female data leaders from Singapore!

    Topics: Others

  • Research to Help Reduce the Time to Diagnosis in Children with Rare Diseases

    Patients living with one of the 7,000 rare diseases identified (and their caregivers) endure a long and often complex path to diagnosis, sometimes even taking decades.

    Topics: Others