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  • MedTech: From Concept to Commercialisation

    Singapore is seen as the gateway to Southeast Asia’s MedTech market and Denmark is well-known for Medicon Valley – Europe's leading hub for medical and welfare technology. As regional springboards with critical mass of best-in-class companies and startups, how can Singapore and Denmark pave the way for more solutions to reach the markets and patients? How can both countries increase public participation to ensure that solutions and innovations are citizen-centred?

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Healthcare AI: Explainable AI as a Service for Community Healthcare

    Health technologies are changing fast, posing these pressing questions for healthcare and IT leaders - What they should expect to come next and how they should evolve.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Transforming Diabetes Care with Data and AI

    Great transformation and innovation happen when entrepreneurs and industry innovators work together. Join us for a panel discussion with digital health entrepreneurs and innovators. Our panellists will discuss how data and AI can be used to create a better future for those living with diabetes and explore opportunities where startups and relevant industries can work together to make that future a reality.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Building MedTech Innovations

    Have you ever wondered how MedTech Innovations came about? With the rise of deep tech advancements, MedTech continues to be a popular industry of innovation. However, the innovation process is not easy with its complex rules for approval.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Pint of Science: The Science of Zen

    How can we use our understanding of science to improve our personal well-being and to reach the basic needs of our communities? Join us for beer and learn about new strategies for relaxation and food distribution. In this session, we will have talks spanning nutrition, well-being and entrepreneurship.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Tomorrow’s Clinic, Today: Surfing the Digital Wave of Change in Managing Health in the 21st Century

    Technological disruption continues to change the way that all healthcare players—providers, payors and employers—are approaching healthcare management and prevention. But are we leveraging digital advancements to their fullest potential for better health promotion, patient care, and financing?

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Regulatory Partners to Support Your Business

    In highly regulated sectors such as MedTech, understanding how to navigate the regulatory system is critical. Hence, identifying supportive partners is essential in growing and impacting your businesses.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Startups

  • Pitch Perfect Workshop

    Designed for startups in the medical device and health tech space, this interactive workshop, organised in collaboration with Deloitte and their MedTech Underground, is a unique opportunity for startups to gain insights into how to make a startup pitch stand out.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Rising Stars in HealthTech: Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring

    SGInnovate, General Assembly and Galen Growth Asia are teaming up for a series of events with some of the most inspiring Southeast Asian healthtech founders and leaders. In a candid discussion, they will share their stories and insights on:

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Real Successes and Applications of Digital Health

    With levels of investments that have never been seen before (billions of dollars and counting), Digital Health is now moving faster than ever and every player in the industry needs to include it in their corporate strategies – from pharma companies to insurers, even brick and mortar hospital chains. However, the maturity level of corporates varies greatly, which dramatically impacts the success of the digitisation process in these organisations. During this fireside chat, industry veterans François Cadiou and Julien de Salaberry will share about the latest successes observed in Digital Health and how the stakeholders involved, from the corporates to the startups, manage to make it a success.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Investors Night: Accelerating Market Entry in Medtech Investments

    With the success of our first Investors Night: Medtech, we will be organising the follow-up to the series this March.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

  • Reimbursement of Innovative Health Technologies

    A challenge for many health tech startups is pricing their products with a multitude of payers – insurance companies, governments, and hospital systems – in mind.

    Topics: MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech