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  • Creating Liveable and Resilient Cities

    3:00pm – 3:25pm    Arrival and Registration 
    3:30pm – 3:50pm    Keynote Address by John Bradley, Secretary of the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Victoria 
    3:50pm – 5:00pm    Panel Discussion featuring

    Topics: Others

  • Building Better AI for Singapore

    Cloud and AI, are changing the way the world works and solving challenges across every major industry. But, there are still so many questions that governments, businesses and the tech community need to consider to elevate these technologies to their full potential. Come join our industry experts as we discuss how corporates and startups can collaborate to address these gaps while accelerating the adoption of AI in Singapore. You will also get to hear more about IBM Watson Build 2018, a global challenge to help disrupters fast track their AI build with IBM Watson and Cloud.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Opportunities In Data Analytics & Data Science

    If you are wondering what day-to-day life as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst would be like, join us for ‘Career Conversations: Data Science & Analytics’. We will talk about various career paths, top skills needed to succeed, companies in Singapore hiring for Data roles, good places to meet other Data Scientists and Analysts, and the ups and downs of this career. Bring your questions for our panel of veteran Data Scientists and Analysts. They will give you insight into their roles, help you understand what is needed to get there, and, just maybe, inspire you to make a change.

    Topics: Data Science / Data Analytics

  • Blockchain in Art: Authentication & Provenance

    Provenance Tracking is a blockchain powered tagging solution developed by LuxTag for Poesy Liang. It utilizes the NEM Blockchain Technology, offering smart contracts and multi-signature features. The project has the purpose of recording the provenance history of every piece of art. 

    Topics: Blockchain

  • How AI Improves Customer Experience and Employee Productivity

    Join our workshop for corporates, on How AI Improves Customer Experience and Employee Productivity, for insights on how AI-powered chatbots, when connected to deep customer data, can deliver powerful new customer service experiences and help service organisations scale at a low cost.

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • AI Readly

    This reading group is suited for AI researchers, academics and advanced practitioners to discuss top recent AI-related arXiv preprint papers. 

    Topics: Others

  • Live With AI: Understanding Human Needs Amidst the Rise of Artificial Intelligence

    Live with AI’s key board members will present their research on the positive impact AI will bring to our society and business and highlight key recommendations to better live with AI. 

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics

  • Bluzelle Phase 2: Building the New Data Economy

    Data is now a new currency. Apps and devices exchange massive amounts of data; companies like Facebook abuse and sell your data; centralised structures are leading to more and more data breaches.

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Blockchain Programming for Programmers – Session 7

    CANCELLED - 2 July 2018 session has been cancelled. This programme will resume on 23 July 2018.

    Topics: Blockchain

  • Design a T-shirt: Think Geek, Think Deep

    Passionate about STEM and want to be part of the rapidly growing science & technology community? Here is your chance! Whether you are a designer, coder or engineer by training, let your creative juices flow - YOU can show how cool deep technology is by designing a t-shirt that is uniquely coded.

    Topics: Others

  • Blockchain 3.0 - Future Decentralized

    The first version of blockchain of bitcoin blockchain focuses on peer-to-peer money transfer. As blockchain technology evolved from this version 1.0, Ethereum has emerged as version 2.0 allowing decentralised apps to be built on top of it. Version 3.0 promises to be highly scalable with millions of transactions running on it with the aim of allowing real world complex applications to run atop. Join us as we explore how MorpheusLabs together with Quarkchain bring this idea to live.

    Topics: Blockchain

  • AngelCentral Pitch Day

    Join us as our curated pool of startups pitches to our community of angel investors to raise funds for their business. During the session, we will also be sharing about what AngelCentral does to support the angel investment scene in Southeast Asia. 

    Topics: Investments