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  • In Conversation: AI Ethics

    With the rise of AI in our economy, more concerns over possible ethical scenarios such as the misuse of data, accidents by self-driving cars and weaponised AI are emerging. What are some relevant considerations for Singapore? And what roles should the government and private companies play to help maximise benefits of AI for our economy and society?

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • AI for Career Guidance and Workforce Insights

    We often hear that AI will drive massive disruptions in the global workforce, but what if AI can also help people find jobs, develop skills, and plan for careers more effectively?

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • Connecting Physical and Digital Worlds with AI

    In this event, we will ask the following questions in a bid to solve key challenges of tokenising the physical world with AI, to end counterfeits, false data and manipulation across industries:

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Blockchain, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech, Data Science / Data Analytics

  • Python For Beginners: One Day Workshop

    Explore the intersection of coding and data with General Assembly and SGInnovate. During our Python-focused introductory workshop, you’ll learn to harness the power of an essential programming language for data scientists.

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • IPRS Panel Discussion: Preparing for Disruption in an AI Future

    Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a hotly discussed topic today, where communicators are debating about its impact on an industry already disrupted by digital technologies and platforms. 

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • Live With AI Foundation 2019 Roadmap

    Initiated at the 2018 Year of Innovation, Live With AI (LWAI) is an independent think-tank gathering 50 thought leaders from France and Singapore, with academic, innovation, scientific, entrepreneur and business backgrounds, all believing that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will positively impact our society and contribute to accelerating our human development.

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • In Conversation with Dr. Kai-Fu Lee: The Era of Artificial Intelligence

    AI Superpowers - now a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestseller, talks about how China's rise in entrepreneurism is leading to a new model of innovation, which has provided the basis for AI co-leadership with the United States of America (USA). The book goes into detail about what this competition entails for the USA and China, as well as what Dr. Lee’s proposed duopoly between the countries would mean for the global geopolitical situation.

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • Machine Learning Using Python

    This two-day workshop will introduce students to data exploration and machine learning techniques. You will learn about the data science workflow and will practice exploring and visualising data using Python and built-in libraries.

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • How AI & Blockchain Startups are Leveraging Taiwan

    Seems like the secret’s out - prominent internet startups across Southeast Asia, including Shopee, Carousell, HonestBee and Shopback, are all increasingly prioritising Taiwan to not only tap into its sizeable digital economy but to also leverage its high-tech talent pool. In this past half-year alone, tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and IBM have earmarked Taiwan as a regional R&D hub for cultivating cutting-edge technologies like AI and blockchain. 

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Blockchain

  • Future of Artificial Intelligence

    The AI revolution has arrived and has triggered many conversations. As such, the objective of the Future of Artificial Intelligence is to help educate the public on the emerging trend of artificial intelligence as well as provide them a platform to learn more from industry practitioners. This event focuses on possible applications of AI technology in various industries and its impact on the future of work.

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • What We Can Expect from Machine Cognition

    Recent decades have witnessed the remarkable progress in artificial intelligence (AI). However, there are still opposing views on the prospect of AI as being yet another cyclic hype or a new development with sustaining power. As the evidence becomes less controversial in the area of recognition, we focus the discussion on the next level of mental capacity necessary to intelligent behaviors, namely, the capability of cognition that involves knowledge acquisition, inference and reasoning, and reinforcement learning. We present our views by way of the current status of Microsoft Academic Graph (MAG), a project in Microsoft Research that teaches machine to obtain knowledge by reading scholarly publications, and contemplate what machine can do in the near future based on the trajectory being observed thus far. As MAG is open to the public, how it can be used through PySpark and what types of applications it has enabled will also be described.

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

  • Appier Masterclass: Creativity in AI

    At the second Appier AI Masterclass, Dr Min Sun, Chief AI Scientist at Appier, will discuss the current capabilities and future potential of Artificial Intelligence to generate creative outputs. Dr Sun will share the research trends in this direction and what his extensive research has uncovered. Finally, he will show how he applies this knowledge at Appier, and how to effectively use AI and deep learning in the creative process. 

    Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Data Science / Data Analytics