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Our Mission

We partner with entrepreneurial scientists and corporates to create and build Deep Tech startups that solve global problems.

Our Team

Our Venture Building team partners with technical founders to create venture-fundable businesses based on their Deep Tech research and IP. We work closely with teams on funding, product development, go-to-market, talent, sales, and business development.

Heng Soon Pang Chief Operating Officer (COO) & Executive Director, Venture Building
Suchitra Narayan Director, Venture Building
David Toh Deputy Director, Venture Building
Simon Gordon Deputy Director, Venture Building
Jasmine Qiu Assistant Director, Venture Building

Our Approach

Building successful Deep Tech ventures take substantial time, effort, and money. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions; each Deep Tech venture is unique and brings its own challenges. We partner with entrepreneurial scientists to provide the building blocks (resources, opportunity, and experience) required to overcome these challenges and build viable and scalable commercial ventures, such as in the areas of Human Health, Advanced Manufacturing and Supply Chains, and Urban Sustainability.

We work closely with entrepreneurial scientists and researchers to validate whether their research can form the basis of a venture-funded startup.
It is not just our time and effort; we fund initial development and play an active role in pulling together future investment rounds.
We work with corporates and other user organisations to identify strong use cases for the application of Deep Tech to help them take a leap forward in their businesses. We roll our sleeves up to work alongside the team on product development planning and execution.
We are experts in go-to-market, partnerships and channel development needed to take Deep Tech to market.
We focus on identifying and attracting top leaders to join our ventures to augment the capabilities of the technical team. If required, we are prepared to step into the breach to play a CXO role while the venture identifies and attracts the right leaders.

Our holistic and tailored Venture Building approach provides a competitive advantage to the startups we partner with. Interested to find out how we can help you? Connect with us via the button below.

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