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Network Systems Developer (Senior) – Microsec

This role is with Microsec, a startup supported by SGInnovate.

MicroSec ( is a startup working in the domain of IoT an OT cybersecurity. We are revolutionizing security for IoT and is helping to build smart cities across globe, and building the World's first Enterprise-Grade Security Software for IoT and Sensor Network. MicroSec’s team comprises of Hackers, Researchers and Cryptographers. (Read more about MicroSec:

MicroSec believes in an open team culture with self-learning aspects. The company culture fosters innovation and hacking environment where developers/interns get to learn real-world hacks and discover vulnerabilities in given system. Candidates will get to work on world-class security protocols intended for IoT and smart city applications along with platforms like Raspberry PI, Beaglebone, Arduino and other embedded systems.

The candidate will get to work on the state of the art security protocols (SSL) on lightweight network gateway & devices. As a startup company, the candidate will get to work on wide domain of technologies which will increase the breadth of the experience of the candidate. This will provide an insight into the industry trend and will groom the candidate for future prospects.

You will be a good fit if:

  • You possess at least 2 years of academic experience and 5 years of production level experience in C/C++ and Python language.
  • You possess working experience with socket programming, OpenSSL, TCP/UDP, Network interfaces, low-level Kernel interfaces and System I/O calls.
  • You are comfortable with a Linux environment.
  • You possess experience with DevOps and how to build a production environment system.
  • You possess experience in public key infrastructure or HSM (will be a plus).
  • You are keen on working on the state of the art security protocols on lightweight network routers/devices.
  • You are comfortable with working on a wide domain of technologies which will groom you for future prospects.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Developing and implementing security algorithms in different operating environments
  • Developing operational functions of various cryptographic algorithms for different use-cases and different applications.
  • Other operational work will include maintaining code, unit-testing it and doing continuous integration with other developers' codes.

If the above sounds like you & your dream job, apply here!