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General Assembly @ 79 Anson, Level 20,
79 Anson Rd,
Singapore 079906

Python for Beginners

Presented by General Assembly
Partnered with SGInnovate

Whether your goal is to become a web developer, data scientist or high-frequency trader, Python has an unmatched ecosystem of open source libraries that can help you achieve that. However, if you have never done any programming before, learning your first programming language may be intimidating. We are here to get you started on the right track with Python in just one day. 

In this course, participants will: 

  • Learn how to install and use Python
  • Learn the fundamental Python programming techniques and tools
  • Discover the history of Python and how it compares to other programming languages
  • Discuss its applications and the types of problems it can solve

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • No prior programming experience is needed
  • Attendees MUST bring their own laptops with Google Chrome installed

Part 1: Introduction to Python & Data Types (2 hours)

  • What is Python and why do we use it?
  • What is the difference compared to other programming languages?
  • Using the Jupyter Notebook
  • Understanding Python data types including lists, tuples and dictionaries

Part 2: Control Statements & Functions and Classes (2 hours)

  • Understanding control statements
    • For loops, break, continue
    • If… elif… else
    • Boolean Algebra
    • While loop

Part 3: Python Programming Practices (2 hours)

  • Write and call Python functions
  • Exception handling
  • Real-world examples:
    • Reading data from a file
    • Writing data into a file
    • Read data from an internet API
    • Visualise data in a chart

After this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Use Python interactively via Jupyter Notebook
  • Use various Python data types (string, list, tuple, and dictionary)
  • Use Python control statements (if...elif...else, for, break, continue, while)
  • Write and call a simple function and simple classes
  • Import and utilise a module
  • Read from and write to a text file
  • Use an API and visualise data

Yi Sheng Siow, Full Stack Developer, The Artling

Yi Sheng is a self-taught Pythonista with a passion to create, teach and share. He handles the data analysis, frontend and backend for The Artling.

His thirst for knowledge led him to explain and demonstrate code in various wide-ranging domains in which Python is used, including machine learning, web development, image processing, natural language processing, data visualisation, web scraping, optical character recognition and more at the October '18 meetup for the Singapore Python User Group.

Having learned programming and turned professional without formal computing classes, he naturally relates to first-time programmers. His love for teaching led him to conduct advanced Microsoft Excel classes for various companies even before starting with Python. He also teaches workshops at PyCon Singapore.

Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics