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Perl @ BASH, Level 3, 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955


Perl @ BASH, Level 3, 79 Ayer Rajah Crescent, Singapore 139955

Blockchain Developer Programme: Blockchain Networks

Organised by SGInnovate and Kingsland University - School of Blockchain

Together with Kingsland University– School of Blockchain, SGInnovate is excited to launch Singapore’s first certified blockchain developer programme. Designed to accommodate working professionals, the hybrid immersion blockchain programme will employ a blend of face-to-face intensive technical training and online supported instructions. 

This collaboration enables the fusion of technical expertise from Kingsland University - School of Blockchain and the deep tech ecosystem of SGInnovate. Comprising of two modular courses: “Blockchain Networks” and “DApps and Solidity”, eligible trainees may receive course and certification funding support through Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)’s TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA) CITREP+ programme. 

This Blockchain Networks course is one of two core courses we offer to aspiring blockchain engineers. The course teaches through a sequence of well-structured modules, systematically introducing new content while reinforcing previously addressed concepts; each module includes practical exercises and practical projects to foster an active learning environment. Through this course students will: 

  • Design and code simple blockchain networks 
  • Implement blockchain consensus algorithms 
  • Understand cryptography and interaction with crypto wallets 

The Blockchain Networks course is a standalone course for students wishing to gain a deeper, technical understanding of blockchain networks and cryptography. Students who complete Blockchain Networks may also wish to undertake the following DApps & Solidity course. These two courses together offer a pathway to becoming a Kingsland Certified Blockchain Developer. 


This course is for experienced software developers looking to add deep level technical understanding of blockchain networks and protocols to their developer skill sets. Course participants are expected to have:

  • Understanding of JavaScript development (promises, Node.js, npm, basic JavaScript front-end).
  • Object-oriented programming, working with classes and objects (e.g. C#, Java, Python, JavaScript or C++).
  • Experience in Web development and REST APIs (build simple server-side Web apps).

Course candidates are encouraged to take an assessment exam that covers the fundamentals of programming and software technologies: variables, loops, arrays and collections, functions, classes and objects, HTTP and REST.

Kingsland’s Blockchain Networks course covers the following topics:

  • Basics of blockchain 
  • Blockchain cryptography 
  • Consensus algorithms 
  • Mining and mining pools 
  • Practical Project: Transactions, blocks, peers and consensus 
  • Wallets and wallet APIs 
  • Transactions and exchanges 
  • Practical Project: Wallets and faucets 
  • Offchain transactions and lightning network 
  • Anonymous coins 

Hybrid Immersion has been developed to accommodate those already working in a professional environment. It is a blend of face-to-face intensive training and online supported instruction. 

Course Timeline

The first six days of a Hybrid Immersion mode course are held face-to-face and the following four weeks include online lessons, live instructor online feedback and a personal/group project. 

Students who complete all modules within the Blockchain Networks course including successfully defending their project will receive an official Certificate of Completion from Kingsland University - School of Blockchain. Students must combine Blockchain Networks with DApps & Solidity to constitute a complete program and pathway to certification as a Kingsland Blockchain Developer.

  • $4,800SGD for Singaporean and Permanent Residents
  • $5,000USD for international students


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