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Speed up the creation of your innovation via an Accelerator programme. Accelerator programmes are run in partnership with commercial accelerators, corporations and institutions of higher learning. In the initial stages, you are guided in crafting and defining of a value proposition, maximising your chances in securing early stage funding.

To gear your innovation for the world, Demo Days are run upon programme completion to present your product to potential investors. Successful applicants will receive intensive mentoring and networking opportunities – a valuable springboard to industry-wide recognition.

Discover a wide range of accelerator programmes here:


Global Startup Exchange (GSX) is a one-month market access programme where you will be introduced to global partners and matched with mentors. Here, you will be guided on the ins and outs of entering the Singapore and ASEAN markets.

This exchange opens up a valuable window to a larger network of entrepreneurs, government agencies, accelerators and investors.


Technopreneur Action Group (TAG) is a regional tech start-up community supported by SGInnovate. TAG seeks to aid the creation of innovation driven tech start-ups by fostering a pool of aspiring entrepreneurs, tech talents, and domain experts to explore ideas in solving real-world problems. Find out more on TAG

TAG Programmes supported by SGInnovate include:

TAG.PASS X-Form: A 3-day intensive boot camp that plunges you into the competitive world of start-up creation.

TAG.PASS X-Form Regional: Local and overseas entrepreneurs form multinational teams to launch localised products that cater to their respective markets.

TAG.PASS: An 11-week acceleration programme aimed to develop and test an entrepreneur's business ideas efficiently. Master essential skills to understand coding, leverage data and application platforms to launch a start-up. This programme helps you validate your business model and learn to build a minimum viable product. In the cross-border version of TAG.PASS, entrepreneurs get to collaborate with overseas teams and target multiple markets concurrently.

TAG.PASS Corporate Innovation: Corporations are teaming up with start-ups to work on innovation challenges. Designed to help corporates scope out and deep dive into their problem statements, then scout for relevant start-ups to collaborate; this programme enables corporates to co-innovate with start-ups.

Together, they solve problems and create new products, giving corporates the edge above others and increases its competitiveness.

The co-innovation journeys we have supported include: Infineon, IBM Watson, Cisco Systems, NTUC Income, and with KPMG Digital Village; OCBC and Daimler Financial Services.


EntrePass is a work pass scheme for foreign deep-tech entrepreneurs who are keen on starting a business in Singapore. At SGInnovate, we believe global talent will complement and contribute positively towards a vibrant startup ecosystem in Singapore. Find out more here.