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Keep up to date with the latest news in Deep Tech – from Singapore to the world.

    Latest News in Deep Tech – from Singapore to The World.

  • SGInnovate Launches Deep Tech for Good Initiative

    SGInnovate has launched Deep Tech for Good, a new initiative that seeks to accelerate the development and use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other frontier technologies to improve the human condition and drive sustainable development across different markets. The initiative was launched at a virtual event with an international line-up of experts sharing their perspectives on how Deep Tech can be advanced for social and economic good.

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  • Venture Capitalists and Industry Leaders Unite to Support Startup Community in First-of-Kind Mentoring and Charity Fundraising Campaign

    Venture Capitalists and Industry Leaders Unite to Support Startup Community in First-of-Kind Mentoring and Charity Fundraising Campaign

    More than 140 venture firms, accelerators, incubators and other members of the startup community in Southeast Asia are coming out strongly to support a community-led charity fundraising campaign aiming to raise the equivalent of 50,000 meals for those in need, by offering mentoring and virtual classes to startup founders affected by the COVID crisis.

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  • SGInnovate Shortlisted for the PR Awards 2020

    Tight deadlines, quick turnaround times and crisis management are the daily basis for every PR professional. It can be incredibly stressful and is one of the hardest fields to work in. That's why it's no small feat for those who made it to the shortlist of this year's PR Awards, the region's platform for recognising outstanding work in the PR and communications industry across Southeast Asia, South Asia and ANZ regions.

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  • Funding Deep Tech Startups in Singapore

    What Singapore Can Teach About an Effective Coronavirus Response

    Singapore was one of the first countries hit by the coronavirus, COVID-19. The city state’s early response, which included cash incentives to work from home, chatbots and a national Whatsapp channel to educate and inform citizens, has earned praise from the World Health Organization and in scientific research.

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  • Singapore Budget 2020 and What It Means for the Tech Ecosystem

    On 18 February 2020, the Singapore government announced the budget allocation for the year. One of the highlights of the budget was the S$300 million (US$215 million) additional funds set aside to support startups in the Deep Tech sector. The government noted the larger investment and longer gestation period required by Deep Tech investments as the reason why the sector was given special attention in this budget.

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  • SGInnovate’s Founding CEO Steve Leonard to Step Down in May 2020

    Following the media statement disseminated, Deal Street Asia published an article on Founding CEO Steve Leonard’s impending departure from SGInnovate in May. Closely following key points from the statement, the article added that SGInnovate had declined to comment if Steve will maintain an advisory role upon departure and said his next role will be announced “in due course.” The story also highlighted Steve’s journey with SGInnovate since its launch in 2016 and shared that SGInnovate has since built and invested over $28.8 million (S$40 million) in more than 60 deep tech startups and created a community of over 33,000 people. Steve’s quote from the statement was included in its entirety.

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