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Fighting financial crime by solving complex AML/KYC problems using AI

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Quantiply focusses on creating simple-to-use Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered, intelligent applications that enable business users to ask and get answers to complex questions in real-time through Natural Language interfaces. Quantiply’s Sensemaker® is a suite of cognitive applications that enables banks to significantly reduce the vast number of false positives created by their Anti-Money Laundering (AML) platforms. By creating breakthroughs that solve complex, difficult-to-solve problems and by combining human and machine intelligence without requiring anyone to master Machine Learning, Statistical Modelling, or Mathematics, Sensemaker® enables extending, within days, current AML/KYC-deployed solutions with the power of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Surendra Reddy

Surendra Reddy, Founder & CEO
Previously EIR and CTO of Big Data at PARC Research Institute. Focussed on commercialising products in Big Data and customer experience management with PARC researchers.