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Lucence Diagnostics

Delivering precision oncology with cutting edge liquid biopsy technology

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Lucence Diagnostics offers liquid biopsy and cancer genomic testing using their patented sequencing technology and in-house clinical analytics. Their tests can simultaneously detect cancer-causing mutations and viruses with one draw of blood, which help physicians to select targeted therapies and monitor treatment responses. They are developing tests to target the most common cancers in Asia.

Dr Tan Min-Han

Dr Tan Min-Han, CEO & Co-founder
Dr Tan specialises in clinical cancer genetics and precision oncology, and his work has spanned diverse fields of cancer treatment, laboratory genetics, nanomedicine and medical data analytics. He is internationally recognised for discovering the circulating tumour-endothelial cluster in the blood of cancer patients, as a non-invasive marker of cancer. As a cancer geneticist, he is noted for establishing international diagnostic criteria and lifetime cancer risks for Cowden Syndrome, a hereditary breast cancer syndrome, together with Professor Charis Eng at the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr Yukti Choudhury

Dr Yukti Choudhury, CTO
Dr Choudhury previously worked at A*Star’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. At Lucence, she develops the firm’s proprietary technology, the core of which is the detection of changes in DNA.

Dr Zhao Pan

Dr Zhao Pan, CCO
Trained as a microbiologist, Dr Zhao has been working in the molecular diagnostic field of infectious diseases and oncology. She has been heavily involved in the development and commercialisation of cutting-edge diagnostic tools and methods.