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  • Leadership in a Changing World

    Digital forces are changing the skills an executive requires to manage organisations. In a world that's become increasingly digital, large companies can sometimes find it hard to adapt.

    Topics: Talent

  • The Future of Work and Talent in the Finance Industry

    Bringing together key players in the finance and tech industries, our panel of experts and founders will discuss the rise of technology in finance and how to develop talent for this new workforce.

    Topics: Investments, Others, Talent

  • Attracting and Retaining Women in Tech

    Discover the key elements of attracting and retaining diverse talent, why diversity in cultural backgrounds has such an impact on a company and ultimately a beneficial contributor to our economy. From unconscious biases to defining diversity and inclusion, to implementation and ongoing strategies, this event will be an interactive, solutions-oriented conversation with your questions leading the way.

    Topics: Talent

  • What’s It Like to Work at Deep Tech Startups?

    Head on to our Talent Marketplace and Summation Programme if you are keen on working at Deep Tech startups! 

    Topics: Startups, Talent

  • How to Find Your Technical Co-Founder

    Date: 26 September 2019, Thursday
    Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
    Venue: 32 Carpenter Street, Singapore 059911

    Topics: Startups, Talent

  • AI Roundtable and Dinner: AI and the Future of Work

    Our by-invitation AI Roundtable and Dinner: AI & the Future of Work on 19 September 2019 (Thursday) brings together senior industry leaders, academics and researchers, startup founders, and government agencies to exchange knowledge and discuss the important question of “how should we understand the impact of AI on work in five to ten years, to better anticipate changes on the economy, society, and education needs?”. 

    Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics, Talent, Others

  • Innovators Breakfast: Building Your Deep Tech Talent Pipeline

    The creation and maintenance of a unique employer brand identity and culture is essential for top companies to attract, inspire, and motivate their staff. Such is especially relevant in a market where tech talent is scarce, and where offering the highest salary might not be the determining factor. 

    Topics: Talent

  • Sundown Drinks: Attracting and Retaining Talent – Is Compensation Enough?

    As a startup founder, how do you balance recruiting top talent and managing effective cash flow?

    Topics: Startups, Talent

  • Career Conversations: Hack Your Way into a Data Job

    Are you looking to start your career as a data professional, but stumped by the process or unsure where to start?

    Topics: Data Science / Data Analytics, Talent

  • Can Critical and Creative Thinking Be Taught or Learned?

    As the future of work unfolds, what makes us human is what will make us employable. In this light, we look to research and learning sciences where personal and social capabilities are discussed and seek directions on how skills sought after in the future may be developed.

    Topics: Others, Talent

  • Sundown Drinks: Future of Science and Society

    According to the second State of Science Index survey conducted by global science firm 3M, 32% of Singaporeans polled did not pursue a career in science because they thought they were not smart enough while 38% of Singaporean parents polled confessed to discouraging their children in pursuing a STEM career. However, there seems to be a contradiction as at least 90% of Singaporeans polled believed that science is needed to solve the world's problems. Why is there this discrepancy between the belief in science to benefit our economy and society, and a lack of entrepreneurial STEM talents and encouragement to take the STEM route?

    Topics: Talent

  • The Future of Talent: Skills in A Technology-Driven World

    Ever wonder which jobs are currently facing automation, which skills will be most important in the future, and how best to prepare yourself for change? Have these questions answered and learn more on the skills you need to future-proof your career in an era of automation.

    Topics: Talent