REIDAO Keynote: Digitizing Real Estate Ownership
September 12 2017


REIDAO Keynote: Digitizing Real Estate Ownership

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Ethereum Singapore Meetup


The project:

REIDAO is creating tokens (digital assets on Ethereum) backed by real estate with its unique Token ID (think stock-ticker) for every property that is listed on the platform. Every Token ID will have its own cap of tokens available/created, its own valuation - based on the property that is backing it, and its own track record (of price movements, rental income/dividend, and so on).

REIDAO aims to democratise property opportunities, to be accessible by everyone, wherever they are. By buying and selling these tokens, you are - in a way - buying and selling fractions of the underlying property. They have essentially created a structure including Public Trust Company to create the link between the tokens and the actual properties.

REIDA's vision is to have a Property Tokens Exchange Board, just like a stock exchange, where it will list all the available property tokens globally that has been tokenised.

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About the speaker:

Darvin is the co-founder of REIDAO, a Singapore-based startup creating digital assets that represent real estate. Having been personally exposed to problems in real estate opportunities, Darvin believes the recent advancements in blockchain technologies will be able to solve them and more.


Timeline of Event:

18:30 - 19:00 : Registration

19:00 - 20:00 : Keynote

20:00-20:30: Networking

20:30 onwards: Closing Off



Topics: Blockchain