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  • Learning from Experienced Angels Series - Investing in Deep Tech Startups: Why, How and Where?

    As the deep technology scene continues to grow and develop in Singapore, we see investors being more willing to fund deep tech companies in sectors such as Machine Learning/AI, biomedical technology, and cybersecurity.

    Topics: Investments

  • Angel Investing Workshop

    This course is brought to you by AngelCentral, as part of our mission to build a community of effective and competent angel investors in ASEAN.

    Topics: Investments

  • NexGen 2018 Singapore

    NexGen is a participative open innovation event that brings together leading companies, start-ups and aspiring students internationally to imagine the future together. Started in 2014 in Japan, this is the 2nd year that NexGen will be held in Singapore. Under the theme of "Smart Community", this year Tokyo Electric and Power Company's (TEPCO) new technology arm TEPCO Ventures, and BC Technology Laboratory (BCTL) from Japan will present their challenge around energy infrastructure and blockchain for social good. Unique start-ups such as EntameCoin of Avex, Politics-Tech blockchain platform PoliPoli as well as motivated students from Japan, US and Singapore, together with the audience (i.e. YOU!) will then partiicipate in an interactive session and jointly innovate together.

    Topics: Blockchain, Startups, Investments

  • Legal Masterclass for Angels

    It may be hard to believe, but with the amount of information available in the world today, that one of the biggest challenges angels worldwide face still lies in understanding and navigating the world of legalities of a contract when investing in a startup. As such, many angels face a myriad of issues and obstacles down the road, which could have been prevented with proper education and guidance. 

    Topics: Investments

  • AngelCentral Pitch Day

    Join us as our curated pool of startups pitches to our community of angel investors to raise funds for their business. During the session, we will also be sharing about what AngelCentral does to support the angel investment scene in Southeast Asia. 

    Topics: Investments

  • Learning from Experienced Angels in South East Asia

    Join us at a panel sharing by the most experienced angels in South East Asia. Between them, they boast of 70 investments over the past 40 years. Openly at the panel, they will share what they have learnt in their angel investment journeys, what strategies worked for them, how they evaluate and value startups, what they look for in the founders. Not forgetting, how they manage founders post investments. These are veteran angels who know why and HOW angels could best help startups. Come join us and learn the best practices!

    Topics: Investments

  • Investors Night: Unhashing Blockchain Investments

    SGInnovate’s by-invitation Investors Night series aims to bring together the community of venture capitalists (VCs), angel investors, and corporate VCs for thought leadership discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking.

    Topics: Blockchain, Investments

  • Perspectives: Tech Investments in China

    A global shift in the technology sector has been underway. Decades ago, China was viewed as a mere imitator in the technology world. Following years of government commitment, sustained economic growth and high education investment, China has moved from imitator to innovator, and is already leading the world today in fintech, biotech, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

    Topics: Investments