Sensor Technologies and Its Impact


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Harnessing the potential of Sensor Technology

Presented by SGInnovate

Sensor technology has the potential to improve the world through various application across medical, energy, security and safety. With the innovations and inventions in the field of sensors, what are the possibilities of translating these to real solutions that address important issues that help improve people’s lives?

Join us as we address these issues with our expert panel.


Emerging Sensor Technologies and its potential across industries
Ron Cellini, Technical Member, Analog Garage


Infinite Possibilities of Sensor Applications  (and Impact) in Healthcare
Adrienne Mendenhall, Country Manager, Access Health Singapore


Improving Security for Sensor technology
Dr. Vishram Mishra, MicroSec


Panel Discussion: Potential vs Reality - Harnessing the potential of Sensor Technology and translating these to impactful applications.


Topics: Artificial Intelligence / Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Robotics