Executive Roundtable: AgriFood Innovation | SGInnovate
November 17 2021


Physical Event


Executive Roundtable: AgriFood Innovation

Presented by SGInnovate
Partnered with Enterprise Singapore
In conjunction with Singapore International AgriFood Week (SIAW)

The global agriculture and food industry has undergone significant disruption in the past decade, with a burgeoning middle class demanding higher-quality, fresh and safe produce. By 2030, Asia Pacific will be home to 65% of the world’s middle-class population and it is expected to double its spending on food. The rising demand for food and the need for more land and resources are not the only challenges that the region faces. Climate change and supply chain disruptions brought about by COVID-19 all threaten to undermine AgriFood systems. 

To tackle the region’s challenges and strengthen food security, science and technology innovations will play an important role in enhancing the productivity, efficiency, resilience, and sustainability of the AgriFood ecosystem. This was also emphasised during the UN Food Systems Summit in September 2021, where some 300 commitments were received from around the world in support of pathways to sustainable food systems, in areas such as sustainable consumption patterns, nature-positive production, and building resilience.

Presented by SGInnovate and in partnership with Enterprise Singapore, this by-invitation Executive Roundtable will convene a select group of industry leaders and innovators who have invested in, developed and/or adopted AgriFood technologies.

Date: 17 November 2021, Wednesday
Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm (Singapore Time / UTC +8)

3:00pm – 3:05pm: Opening Remarks by SGInnovate
3:05pm – 3:10pm: Opening Remarks by Enterprise Singapore
3:10pm – 4:30pm: Roundtable Discussion

Some topics that the roundtable discussion should cover include: 

  • Emerging technologies in the AgriFood sector 
  • Challenges and barriers to the adoption of such technologies
  • The impact of government and industry regulations
  • Collaboration opportunities among corporates, startups, and investors

Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Industry: AgriFood