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January 11 2018


Ethereum Meetup - Viola.AI

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Harnessing artificial intelligence, blockchain and trustless smart contracts using the Ethereum blockchain, Viola.AI is set to revolutionize the dating and relationship space in the world. Viola.AI will be the first dating and relationship A.I. that evolves with the users - creating a global and borderless full loop solution from dating, courtship, relationship to marriage. Through the Real-ID Verification System, users' data is verified and secured via the blockchain. With the capability to perform deep learning about each user’s personality, background and behaviour, Viola.AI can give them the most relevant and valuable advice, as well as proactively prompt couples before any important relationship milestones and help them solve their challenges early.

Program Agenda: 

6.30PM - Registration
7.00PM - Keynote
7.40PM - Q&A
8.00PM - Networking
8.30PM - Close


Jamie Lee is the co-founder of Viola.AI. Jamie Lee has been in the dating industry with Lunch Actually Group since 2004. He was instrumental in building up several of the companies' technological products like and LunchClick dating app. Today, Lunch Actually Group is one of the largest dating companies in South East Asia with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Jakarta and Bangkok, and a Joint Venture in Japan with the mixi group with over 1.4 million users and members in its databases.

For the past 1.5 years, Jamie has been developing the concept of Viola.AI. Initially, Viola.Ai was going to develop its own credit system. However, realising the synergy of the Blockchain and Ethereum Smart Contracts' potential impact on the project, the team took the step to merge the technology together to bring Viola.AI to its current form. Viola.AI aims to revolutionize and disrupt the world’s dating and relationship industry with AI and the Ethereum blockchain.

Jamie is happily married to his co-founder and life partner Violet Lim who is the CEO of the company with 2 children.

For more information, do visit Viola.AI at

Light refreshments will be provided by Viola.AI.

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Topics: Blockchain