DNA: The Solution to the Data Storage Crisis | SGInnovate
September 22 2021


Online Event

DNA: The Solution to the Data Storage Crisis

Presented by SGInnovate and SINERGY
In support of SWITCH 2021

In the information era, we generate tons of data every second: emails, images, videos, sound, metadata. Storing all this information requires extensive data centres and huge costs in infrastructure and maintenance. However, Nature has figured out how to store and process large amounts of data billions of years ago: store them in DNA. Could we do the same and use DNA for long- and short-term storage of our valuable information?

In this webinar, our panel of experts will introduce you to the exciting new technology, describe the challenges we need to overcome and give their perspective on what the future holds regarding DNA data storage.

This event is part of SWITCH 2021’s and Deep Tech Summit's year-long innovation journey, where the Global and Asian innovation ecosystems meet to discuss and collaborate on the most innovative technology trends and business opportunities. Please register for a complimentary pass to the event and unlock the gateway to global innovation in Asia with the code “SGINNOVATE”.

Date: 22 September 2021, Wednesday
Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm (Singapore Time / UTC +8)

11:00am - 11:05am: Opening Remarks from SGInnovate and SINERGY
11:05am - 11:10am: Presentation on Basics of DNA Data Storage by Konstantinos Vavitsas, Consortium Manager, SINERGY
11:10am - 12:00pm: Panel discussion and Q&A session with

  • Daniel Chadash, Senior Director of Product Management & Business Development - DNA Data Storage, Twist Bioscience
  • Dr Saurabh Nirantar, Senior Scientist, Illumina
  • Moderator: Assoc Prof Poh Chueh Loo, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Principal Investigator at SynCTI, NUS

Speakers' Profiles:
Konstantinos Vavitsas, Consortium Manager, SINERGY

Dr Kostas Vavitsas is the consortium manager of SINERGY, the Singapore Consortium for Synthetic Biology. He holds a PhD in Biotechnology by the University of Copenhagen and he has conducted research in Greece, Australia, Denmark, Sweden. He has also worked as science writer and consultant on synthetic biology and biotechnology. 

Daniel Chadash, Senior Director of Product Management & Business Development - DNA Data Storage, Twist Bioscience

Daniel co-founded Genome Compiler to democratize synthetic biology and enable scientists to focus on real science by giving them innovative software tools. Daniel was the VP Product of Genome Compiler before it was acquired by Twist Bioscience in 2016. At Twist, Daniel led the digital products and business systems and created a true end-to-end digital DNA e-commerce system to allow Twist to scale its business. Since late 2019 Daniel is leading the commercial side of Twist's DNA Data Storage product, including the product aspects and business development. Daniel is one of the founders of the DNA Data Storage Alliance that was launched in 2020 to accelerate the adoption and awareness of DNA as a storage medium. 

Dr Saurabh Nirantar, Senior Scientist, Illumina

Saurabh started working at Illumina’s Protein Engineering group in 2015 following a post-doctoral stint developing homogenous biosensors. At Illumina he truly came to appreciate the current and tantalizing future diagnostic applications of DNA sequencing. More recently the related field of DNA information storage has become a source of fascination for him due to the possibility of having a similar impact on data storage. He has been following the field with interest and brainstorming internally about how his team could help push it forward. 

Moderator's Profile:
Assoc Prof Poh Chueh Loo, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Principal Investigator, Synthetic Biology for Clinical and Technological Innovation (SynCTI), NUS

Dr Chueh Loo Poh is an Associate Professor with the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore. He is also a Principal Investigator at NUS Synthetic Biology for Clinical and Technological Innovation (SynCTI) and leads the NUS Biofoundry. He obtained his PhD in Bioengineering from Imperial College London, UK and B.Eng. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. His research interests in Synthetic Biology include microbial cellular biosensors, optogenetics, and DNA data storage. His group has been reprogramming microbes for health and sustainability applications. He has founded the BioMakerSpace at NUS which runs the NUS iGEM teams. He is currently a member of the Global Biofoundry Alliance (GBA) steering committee and a co-chair of GBA software working group. He has received several awards including Tan Chin Tuan Fellowship and Excellence in Teaching awards. He is currently the co-Editor-in-Chief of Wiley/IET Engineering Biology journal. 

Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, MedTech / HealthTech / BioTech

Industry: Health and BioMedical Sciences