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April 26 2021


Online Event

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Circular Waste Economy in Singapore and in the Nordics

Presented by SGInnovate and Nordic Innovation House

Singapore is well-known as a clean and green city with the government and corporates striving for environmental sustainability as a national agenda while growing the economy. As Singapore is transitioning from linear to a circular waste management philosophy, the country will need to find effective solutions for its challenges related to waste management. By addressing domestic challenges and in importing Environmental and Water Technologies (EWT) including Clean Energy, Singapore is positioning as the knowledge hub in Southeast Asia, and the ideal launch pad for Nordic solutions to address the huge waste and water management challenges in this part of the world. 

Based on the 2020 Environmental Performance Index (EPI)*, the Nordics have dominated the top 10 (out of 180) countries for their performance in environmental health and vitality of their ecosystems. As forerunners in the Circular Economy sector, we believe that Nordic innovations and solutions can support and accelerate Singapore’s environmental industry to build a cleaner, sustainable and more liveable city. In partnership with stakeholders in Singapore, Nordic companies can co-develop and adapt Nordic solutions to address the waste and water management markets in Southeast Asia.

The panel will discuss the opportunities for bridging Nordic solutions to Singapore and Southeast Asia problem statements within the circular waste economy. Join us in finding out more about the state of waste management in Singapore and Nordics, and the current Singaporean and Nordic solutions that are contributing to our circular economy future.

Date: 26 April 2021, Monday
Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm (Singapore Time / UTC +8)

4:00pm – 4:10pm: Opening Remarks by SGInnovate and Nordic Innovation House
4:10pm – 5:00pm: Panel Discussion and Q&A with:

  • Adrian Yeo, Senior Vice President, (Innovation, Water), Sembcorp Industries
  • Dr Mohammad Sherafatmand, CEO & Founder, Hydroleap
  • Kristine Laake, Innovation Manager, Norsk Gjenvinning
  • Moderator: Remi Cesaro, Director, Zero Waste Consultant (Material and Energy Efficiency)

Speakers’ Profiles:
Dr Adrian Yeo, Senior Vice President (Innovation, Water), Sembcorp Industries

Dr Adrian Yeo is a Senior Vice President (Innovation, Water) from Sembcorp Industries. His role is to scout for and deploy new technologies in the water sector, and in particular drive the digitalisation of Sembcorp’s water business. Previously, he has founded several successful water startups and NGOs. Adrian holds a PhD from Nanyang Technological University.

Dr Mohammad Sherafatmand, CEO & Founder, Hydroleap

Dr Mohammad Sherafatmand (Moh), CEO and founder of Hydroleap received his PhD in environmental engineering from National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2016 and continued his research as a postdoc for a short period before starting his venture at Hydroleap.

Moh is a water enthusiast who loves to couple engineering and innovation to create new technologies and products. 

Hydroleap provides a chemical-free, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for wastewater treatment by replacing chemicals with electricity. Through Hydroleap, Moh has raised more than 3.5 million SGD from VCs such as Wavemaker, Seeds Capital, 500 Startups, SGInnovate and Sparklabs and took the technology from lab-scale to a full-blown commercial solution.

Living in Singapore for the past 9 years has made Moh call Singapore home.  

Kristine Laake, Innovation Manager, Norsk Gjenvinning
Kristine has been working with sustainability and innovation for the last seven years and has been a part of the innovation and sustainability team at Norsk Gjenvinning for three years. As head of innovation at Norsk Gjenvinning, Kristine has worked on numerous projects to improve recycling methods of various waste streams, mainly waste arising from the construction sector. She also spent a considerable amount of time focusing on food waste, textile waste and ceramics and porcelain waste and being in charge of the company’s consultancy branch REvise. Kristine previously established and operated the Norwegian branch of Reach for Change which finds and develops social entrepreneurs through their incubator and accelerator program. She holds a MA degree in International Relations from the University of Edinburgh and Freie Universität Berlin and an executive master course on Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation from BI Oslo. 

Moderator's Profile:
Rémi Cesaro, Director, Zero Waste Consultant (Material and Energy Efficiency)

Rémi Cesaro (MSc, CMVP, TRUE Advisor, WMRAS Member, Group Leader for the PPP on Supporting Services) is the Founder and Director of the consulting business Zero Waste City. Remi provides engineering consulting services to large commercial and industrial facilities around waste management, energy efficiency, and packaging sustainability assessment. He worked in Australia and Singapore as a Resource Efficiency Consultant for large businesses, covering a wide range of industries and technologies. He is a certified TRUE Advisor (Total Resource Use Efficiency) by the U.S. Green Building Council Inc. This certification recognised his knowledge in Zero Waste programs and his ability to support businesses to achieve the TRUE Zero Waste certification.

Topics: CleanTech / Green Tech