Blockchain Night@SGInnovate - Using Blockchain to Power Decentralized, Beneficial Artificial General Intelligence | SGInnovate
September 14 2017


32 CARPENTER STREET, Singapore 059911

Blockchain Night@SGInnovate - Using Blockchain to Power Decentralized, Beneficial Artificial General Intelligence

Presented by SGInnovate

Get up close and personal with Sophia the humanoid robot!



Using Blockchain to Power Decentralized, Beneficial Artificial General Intelligence
AI will soon dominate the internet -- and the economy as a whole. There are strong arguments that the AI developed in this unfolding revolution will be more broadly positive in its social and economic implications — as well as more generally intelligent — to the extent that AI is developed “by the people, for the people” in an inclusive sense. This leads to the concept of a decentralized, self-organizing AI economy — a network of AIs that exchange information and value among each other freely and rapidly, with participation open to anyone who creates an AI and inserts it into the network. Such a network also opens new frontiers in social good, via issuance of value tokens that specifically direct AI effort toward tasks democratically determined to provide broad social benefit.


SingularityNET: The First Open Source Decentralised Blockchain Platform for the AI Economy
The SingularityNET project, currently under development, represents a concrete instantiation of this concept of a decentralized autonomous organization of AIs. It leverages blockchain and the OpenCog Artificial General Intelligence framework to create a new smart contract based protocol for interaction with, and interoperation of, AI agents of various types. The initial nodes in the SingularityNET will carry out reasoning and learning based on OpenCog, vision and audio processing based on Google Tensorflow, and robot control using the Hanson Robotics software framework. The Sophia Hanson Robot and the toy-scale Dr. Roboto Hanson Robot, along with biomedical AI developed by Chinese firm Mozi Health, are being used as initial test cases for the SingularityNET technology.


Dr. Ben Goertzel is a renowned thought leader in AI and AGI. He leads the SingularityNET blockchain/AI project, and also serves as Chief Scientist at humanoid robotics firm Hanson Robotics.

Simone Giacomelli has been leading teams that provide next generation blockchain solutions for both the private and public sectors.Passionate about exploring relational economies and Decentralised Autonomous Organisations, he conducts research in novel cryptocurrency models, ICOs and incentive mechanisms that empower cooperation and value creation.

Sophia defies conventional thinking of what a robot should look like with her incredible human likeness and expressiveness. Over time, her increasing intelligence and remarkable story will enchant the world and connect with people regardless of age, gender, and culture.

Registration starts at 5.30 pm. See you there! 

Topics: AI / Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Blockchain