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Research Engineer (Software), AiT

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About SGInnovate

This role is with AiT, a startup supported by SGInnovate.

At SGInnovate, we invest in startups that have the ambition, passion, and expertise to develop Deep Tech solutions to challenging global problems. We help them knock down barriers — technical, adoption, and market — like no other and connect them with top talent and bring together great minds across the ecosystem to discuss, share and inspire ideas of innovation. SGInnovate is a private-limited venture capital wholly owned by the Singapore Government. AiT is a startup supported by SGInnovate and is looking for an experienced Research Engineer to build an amazing tech solution with the team. 



We are looking for a Research Engineer (Software) with a strong background in software development to be responsible for developing and commercialising our products as we bring them to mass market production.



  • Development of a multi-modality/sensory perception software system focussed on computer vision and tactile for Robotics applications, particularly object grasping and manipulation
  • Deploy software on a robot platform and demonstrate its application on a set of tasks (e.g. pick and place with multiple objects)
  • Development of quality metrics for assessing the performance of the system
  • Development of neuromorphic Machine Learning software for event-driven learning


  • Expertise in software development, particularly with Machine Learning for Robotics applications
  • Experience training and testing Machine Learning and deploying models on a robot platform (e.g. for image segmentation, object classification)
  • Familiarity with robot programming (e.g., on ROS) and developing end-to-end systems. Knowledge of control systems and robot manipulation with end-effectors considered a plus
  • Familiarity with Deep Learning development platforms (e.g. Tensorflow and PyTorch)
  • Experience with event-based tactile sensors and Machine Learning for event sensors
  • Experience with neuromorphic processors such as the intel Loihi
  • Bachelors/Masters/PhD in Computer Science or related discipline
  • 3+ years of experience as a software developer
  • Excellent programming ability (Python/C/C++/Java), experience with Robotics and Machine Learning will be viewed favourably
  • Proficiency with AWS and other cloud platforms for running large-scale learning is considered a plus
  • Using project management methodologies principles and techniques to develop project plans and manage projects

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