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Deep Tech Community

Today’s research, tomorrow’s frontier technologies

Emerging technologies hold the key to tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges. Learn how Singapore startups are turning innovative ideas into impactful solutions!

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Career Development & Jobs

Multiple pathways, infinite potential

Whether you’re a student or a working professional, Deep Tech offers an array of career opportunities in exciting growth areas. Visit STARS and explore the various talent programmes and career opportunities available!

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Startup Growth & Funding

Discover the resources you need to go further

We’re here to help ambitious Deep Tech ventures scale and succeed. Find out more about the support available to startups across a range of stages, from talent matching to collaboration opportunities.

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Partnership Opportunities

Building in Singapore, for the world

Singapore is fast becoming the place to translate cutting-edge research and build global startups. Learn more about our vibrant Deep Tech ecosystem and collaborate with us on initiatives from events to Open Innovation

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68,000+Deep Tech Community


500+Community Activities


130+Community Partners

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Power Sector Decarbonisation with Green Hydrogen

Mar 28, 2023 The use of green hydrogen, produced from renewable sources, is emerging as a promising solution for decarbonising power generation, as it enables the integration of inter Read More 

Precision Genetics and Target Discovery in Rare & Undiagnosed Disease

Mar 28, 2023 According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), there are approximately 7000 types of rare diseases and rare diseases have high clinical unmet needs. Read More 

Talent Programmes

SGInnovate’s flagship talent programmes offer multiple pathways to impactful careers with Deep Tech startups. Accelerate your learning and exploration through modular training programmes and traineeships.


Access career opportunities in the biotech sector


A biotech industry immersion and on-job-training programme for both lab- and non-lab-based roles

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Kickstart your Deep Tech immersion
& gain broad exposure


An Immersion programme that prepares talent to take on multi-faceted Deep Tech roles in a wide range of areas including Software Development, Data Analytics, Product Management and UI / UX Design.


Discover Deep Tech apprenticeships


An apprenticeship programme that matches top talent to Deep Tech projects in fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, IoT, Robotics, Quantum Computing, Biotechnology and others.

Powerx Cyber
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Explore career pathways in Cybersecurity


Rigorous traineeships combining structured learning modules and on-the-job training for careers in Cybersecurity

Powerx Robot
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Explore career pathways in Robotics


Rigorous traineeships combining structured learning modules and on-the-job training for careers in Robotics

Powerx Software
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Explore career pathways in
Software and Product Development


Rigorous traineeships combining structured learning modules and on-the-job training for careers in
Software and Product Development

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